Our mission at Dreamers Pre-K is to enrich each child’s educational experience in an active, dynamic environment that poses developmentally appropriate challenges, builds confidence, and inspires learning.


We believe in teaching early education through physical activity and movement. Our Creative Curriculum is a basis for exploring and experiencing the self, environment, and the fundamentals of preschool education, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.


Dreamers Pre-K teaches socialization skills such as sharing, respect, caring, listening, following directions, and helping others through learning activities and creative play. By engaging all five senses and encouraging experiential, social learning, we aim to develop well-rounded students with the sense of confidence and security necessary to begin engaging with the world.


We are located inside the OSEGA Dream Academy facility in Fletcher, NC.


My name is Tiffany Galloway. I have been working with kids for the past 10 years. I am so humbled for the opportunity to continue my passion in the Pre -K classroom. I love to teach through imagination and hands-on play. I have learned that it keeps the kids entertained and focused while learning. It will help them develop important social skills such as listening and working with others. My plan for the year is to do many experiments, outside adventures, and STEM activities. I want our classroom to feel like home—a place of fun, structure, love, and patience for your child to continue to grow. I can not wait to watch them bloom this fall.

Located at 130 Christel Lane in Arden 

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