6 MONTHS – 1 YEARS OLD: LITTLE DIPPERS – 35 min class (co-ed)

This is a parent and me class for those busy babies that are on the move. We provide a safe space for learning to navigate obstacles and surfaces like steps, ladders, slides. We will help you and your child gain confidence, as well as developing hand-eye coordination and the very basics of some fun gymnastics moves.

1 YEARS OLD: TWINKLERS – 45 min class (co-ed)

This is a parent and me transition class that focusses on developing independence and learning how to trust the instructor. We continue to improve on hand-eye coordination, basic gymnastics skills, and techniques for overcoming fears.

2 YEARS OLD: SHOOTING STARS – 50 min class (co-ed)

This class teaches your child to be independent away from their parent. Basic gymnastic skills are honed alongside leadership, listening and social skills.

3 YEARS OLD: MIGHTY STARS – 1 hour class (co-ed)

This is the first of two transition classes into our Recreational program. It is designed for children who are ready to master basic gymnastic skills, review gross motor skills, build coordination and solidify the ability to listen well.