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3 & 4 YEARS OLD: MIGHTY STARS – $95 a month - 50 minute class (co-ed)

This is the first of two transition classes into our Recreational program. It is designed for children who are ready to master basic gymnastic skills, review gross motor skills, build coordination and solidify the ability to listen well.




5 year olds - up to 15 years old


5 & older classes start at $100 a month, for a one hour, once a week class. 

OSEGA places each child in a class level based on individual flexibility, strength, and current level skills on ALL the apparatus. 


Students will be invited to the next level class once they complete their current level skill requirements. Students who take two or more classes per week, progress faster!

Our Gymnastics class levels are

PINK (beginner)> ORANGE> BLUE> GREEN> PURPLE (advanced)


We encourage you to talk with your child’s coach for a progress report or if you have any questions regarding your child’s training.


We offer a one time TRIAL class for $10 in any PINK (beginner) class to decide which level is appropriate for each student to begin.  


***OSEGA charges a ONE TIME joining registration fee of $30 per student**

(competitive teams, Bright stars, and after school have separate yearly fees)

To register, OR view class schedules please log in or create a parent portal account. For further assistance, email

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