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OSEGA Gym SEEs a Brighter Path

The Asheville Student Enrichment Experience or SEE Camp visited OSEGA Gymanstics and provided our gymnasts with an unforgettable experience.

The SEE camp is a part of the Brighter Path Foundation, and is for the visually impaired who are blind or close to it. Brighter Path offers a multitude of camps, including day camps, adventure camps and school-year activities, taught by certified teachers for blind and visually impaired students.

Brighter Path was kind enough to allow OSEGA to participate in week one of their SEE summer camp!

OSEGA's team members and instructors were lucky enough to have the opportunity to play throughout the gymnastics center with the campers. Not only did they get to play with the SEE camp, campers, but our team and staff were reminded by the campers' fearless and determined personalities that the only thing in the way of living your dream, is yourself.

Learn more about the SEE Camp on the Brighter Path Foundation Website, and check out videos being uploaded on the OSEGA Instagram to see the OSEGA team and staff and SEE campers in action!

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