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OSEGA Team Builds Champions

The power of teamwork proved true at OSEGA Gymnastics Center, as they celebrated Lexi Myer’s invitation to the USA Olympic Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch for the TOPs National Testing, Thursday evening.

Olympians Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas and Laurie Hernandez are just a few prominent USA gymnasts’ footsteps Meyers follows by receiving this honor.

The invitation to the Ranch comes after countless long days, weeks and months of training in preparation for the TOPs testing that would not have been possible without the support of a team.

The gymnastics Olympic Games showed the nation that the power of team support can create something unstoppable and unbeatable, and OSEGA emulates this mindset to foster success in their gymnasts.

When asked how her dream became reality and what made it possible, Myers gave credit to her teammates.

“I wouldn’t have made it through it without my teammates helping through the tough times,” Myers says.

Elizabeth Moore, the first and only Elite Gymnast in Western North Carolina who was invited back to the Karolyi Ranch this year, agrees with Myers.

“I wouldn't be an Elite Gymnast if I didn't have my team,” she says. “Honestly, I would have quit a long time ago if it wasn't for my team.”

Sweet, simple and to the point, Rising Star team member Piper Ed’s favorite thing to tell her teammates when they get down is “You can do it!”

This saying may sound like nothing special, but it proved effective in the 1996 Olympic Games when Bela Karoyli himself chanted it to Kerri Strug as competed on an injured ankle to secure the Gold Medal at team finals, and it seems to prove effective at OSEGA as their gymnasts continue to dominate.

Moore and Myers may be the two attending the Karolyi Ranch this year, but with the OSEGA mindset, the rest of the team will not be far behind!

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